ILO’s June 8, 2020 Updates
Inclusiveness is Key

Let’s Talk About It

ILO has developed a two-part series to get the discussion started as we weave the vital subject of Black Lives Matter, inclusiveness, non-violent change, and safety into our ongoing weekly training sessions for our self-advocate communities.

With these training sessions we are striving to help self-advocates:

  • Discuss, honestly and openly, what it’s like to feel vulnerable
  • Identify and understand how to challenge racism
  • Understand the value of inclusiveness and diversity
  • Honor and celebrate our differences
  • Understand the tenants of Black Lives Matter
  • Develop a self-advocate commitment statement

We are the human family. We stand together with our African-American brothers and sisters. We honor their grief, sorrow, and frustration.

Together, we need to find a better way.

*Participating self-advocates, or their families, must be members of the ILO Community Group and must sign a waiver before participation.
Go to: for more info or to join the ILO Community Group.

Additional Information on COVID-19

Can We Assist YOU?

During this ‘new normal’ ILO is here to help YOUR family and SELF-ADVOCATE in every way possible.

  • Overwhelmed and don’t know where to go for assistance?
  • Lost your support (day programs, etc.), and need alternatives?
  • Running out of ideas for dealing with social isolation?

ILO is here to help! Please reach out to me directly. Maedi Tanham Carney, ILO Executive Director at

We Need Your Help Now! Will You Help Support ILO?

The services that we provide to our self-advocates are largely funded by fundraising events, and by donations. During this time we are not able to hold these events. Please consider a donation to help us continue providing support!

The CARE Act permits eligible individual taxpayers who do not itemize deductions to take an above-the-line deduction of up to $300 for qualified charitable contributions made during such taxable year, except for contributions to a
non-operating private foundation or to a donor advised fund.

Calendar & RSVP Reminders

Please check the ILO website calendar for upcoming virtual and rescheduled events. Our calendar ( is updated on a weekly basis.

We have made the decision to postpone most of our special events to a later date in 2020 – this includes Social Sundays, Parent Presentations, Hike, Bike & BBQ (rescheduled for October 10), and our Beers and Cheers Fundraiser.

SPECIAL NOTE: Regarding Social Sunday Bowling Bowlero – we hope to be able to start Bowling up again soon but at this point it may be the Fall.

If you are an ILO Community Group member, please be sure to JOIN ILO’s Private Facebook Group to connect with other members.
ILOCommunity Group- PrivateIf you are not an ILO Community Group member, please go to: to learn more.

If you have not already, please SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter to receive new editions by email. You may opt out at any time.


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