DDA Funding for ILO Services and Activities

It’s TRUE – ALL of ILO’s Fees Can be Paid Using DDA Self-Directed Funds

Your loved one can join ILO and be part of a Community POD where they have social connections through vibrant activities; in addition, support from an ILO community builder who creates peer-to-peer relationships and ILO life coaches who can help them grow in their independent living skills.

All ILO Fees can be paid with one’s self-directed budget. 

This includes:

  • Assessment – Comprehensive Full-Life Model™ Skills Inventory and Training
  • ILO Family Training – Transition to Independent Living the ILO Way
  • Community Builders – Check-Ins, Life Skills Training, and Relationship Building
  • Life Coaches – Skills Development and Application Support
  • Case Management – Transition Consulting
  • ILO Community Group Membership – Help Building a Network of Support
  • Long-Term Facilitation Consulting – Peace of Mind – Be Prepared: Logistically, Medically, Emotionally, and Financially

Contact us for assistance or to learn more.

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