ILO Community Group

For less than $17 a month your family member with developmental disabilities can join an inclusive community of like-minded individuals who want to lead full, rewarding, and independent lives.

The ILO Community Group is a unique, all ages, members-only group of families who have a loved one with an intellectual or developmental disability interested in transitioning to independent living.

The goal of the Community Group is for families to start growing their network of support to eventually join as a participating family.


Why Join the ILO Community Group?

Build and Foster Peer-to-Peer Relationships

Start Preparing by Learning and Applying Valuable Life Skills Now

Learn How ILO Families Are Making This Happen

Learn About Topics Related to Independent Living with Special Needs

Attend ILO’s 8 Expert Presentations Offered Each Year

Start Building or Strengthen Your Personal Network of Support

Meet with Other ILO Families at ILO Events

It's True - ALL of ILO's Fees Can be Paid Using Self-Directed Funds

Transition to Independent Living the ILO Way!

Your loved one can join ILO and be part of a Community POD where they have social connections through vibrant activities and support from ILO staff in building peer-to-peer relationships and helping them grow their independent living skills.

All ILO Fees can be paid with one’s self-directed budget. Learn more HERE.

To participate in the ILO Community Group
please complete the form below to join or renew

ILO Community Group Registration

Once you join the ILO Community Group you and your self-advocate can start participating in Community Group events and activities while meeting other ILO families.  You will be added to our ILO CG Listserv so you will receive invitations and information about upcoming ILO CG events and activities. You can also find information on the ILO Calendar.

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