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A Lot of Progress!

A Little Reflection

Maedi Tanham Carney
Founder & Executive Director, ILO

First – let’s talk about our amazing Self-Advocates.  New ones, fun ones, quiet ones, and adventure-somes!  With the help of ILO Community Builders and Life Coaches our self-advocates are stretching beyond what they ever thought was possible.  It has been fun watching them grow, learn together, and learn from each other. 

We have more self-advocates using ILO’s Life Coaching services than ever before.  This makes independent living a viable option for some who otherwise would have a hard time transitioning. 

Our many small-group POD activities continue to engage everyone.  Cooking classes have been a big hit, as well as yoga, brunches, bowling, current event discussions, and lots of other fun activities.   

In 2021 ILO hosted over 400 activities and events for ILO self-advocates.

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    Then let’s talk about ILO’s Supportive POD Communities.  ILO’s 5 PODs – Bethesda, DC, Germantown, Gaithersburg and Rockville continue to grow stronger.  ILO self-advocates are stepping up and helping support each other.  This was always the dream and now it is becoming reality.  And, with a little logistical maneuvering, ILO self-advocates have been able to move closer to one another.

    ILO’s goal is providing the utmost independence and self-reliance possible with a safe network of support as needed for adults with disabilities.  Our supportive communities are key to fulfilling our vision and mission.

    Check Out Our POD Activities Below!

    And lastly . . . thank you for helping make ILO sustainable long-term

    It is imperative for ILO to become sustainable in order to support our self-advocates long-term.  This year has been a stellar fundraising year for ILO bringing in over $60,000 for our Bike to the Beach event, sponsorship funds for our Hike, Bike & BBQ Annual Meeting event, and the amazing donations and contributions throughout the year.

    Whether it’s through monetary support or pitching in and helping with some of these events, or spreading the word to family and friends – we appreciate your support! 

    Thank You for Your Support!

    Upcoming Events


    POD Happenings




    • Eddie – January 14
    • Zach L – January 24
    • Andrew – January 28
    • David – January 29


    • Joe – February 3
    • DeAngelo – February 17
    • Justin – February 18
    • Maurine – February 18
    • George – February 22

    Can We Assist YOU?

    During this ‘new normal’ ILO is here to help YOUR family and SELF-ADVOCATE in every way possible.

    • Overwhelmed and don’t know where to go for assistance?
    • Lost your support (day programs, etc.), and need alternatives?
    • Running out of ideas for dealing with social isolation?

    ILO is here to help! Please reach out to me directly: Maedi Tanham Carney, ILO Executive Director at

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