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ILO offers five areas of services to its participating families:

Training: New Futures Initiative

Training: Center for Independent Futures® New Futures Initiative Training offers a series of four workshops, the workshop materials and onsite consultation to family groups.  These workshops help families explore alternate housing options and ways to build personal networks and partnerships within the community.  The intent of the training is to help families understand that moving their self-advocate out of the family home involves more than finding another residence, it involves creating an intentional community that surrounds and supports the self-advocate.

Assessment: Full Life Futures Process Skills Inventory

Center for Independent Futures®’s Full Life Futures Process Skills Inventory is an extensive, integrated, interactive assessment and inventory of a self-advocate’s daily living skills and experience. This assessment provides a “snap shot” of the abilities of the self-advocate and is the basis of a report identifying activities to develop and maintain the skills necessary for the self-advocate to live as independently as possible.

Establishment of Supports and Staffing

Once the training and assessment are completed, ILO can assist families with acquiring supports for the self-advocate. These supports include:

  • Readiness coaching to prepare for moving out of the family residence and expanding active engagement in the community;
  • Identification of appropriate living situations, ranging from independent residency to roommates, with or without support staff, as well as rental and purchase options;
  • Identification of services for development and maintenance of living skills, employment opportunities and social activities.


ILO can act on behalf of the self-advocate as both an initial and ongoing liaison between support services and the family. ILO provides guidance in finding affordable services that meet the specific needs of the self-advocate, but does not provide, or fund, staffing for the self-advocate.

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Long-term Planning

ILO can facilitate the development of an ongoing, interactive plan for the self-advocate and his/her family to maintain and develop independent living skills.

ILO services are supported through donations and fundraising efforts by ILO Participating Families and community partners.

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