The Full Life Process™ Skills Inventory

The Full-Life Process™ Skills Inventory is an extensive, integrated and interactive assessment of a self-advocate’s daily living skills.

The Skills Inventory can be used to determine what the individual needs to do in order to be  more self sufficient, whether it is learning or improving skills with money and budgeting, travel training, becoming more independent in the kitchen or learning how to be safe in their homes. The results of the assessment also help the family, community builders, and members of the self-advocate’s support networks determine which staffing and supports are necessary in an appropriate living situation.

  • The Skills Inventory initially provides a “snapshot” of the abilities of the self-advocate. The administrator meets with the self-advocate and his or her family to complete the assessment.
  • The administrator observes the self-advocate as he or she participates in daily living activities both in the home and out in the community.
  • The family completes an online inventory that develops a profile of the self-advocate’s capabilities.
  • Once the assessment is complete, the administrator writes a report and meets with the family and self-advocate again to discuss the results, and make recommendations for moving forward.

After the final report is completed, the self-advocate has the opportunity to further develop their independent skills using the online Skills Inventory tool. The online Skills Inventory™ provides activities and lessons that develop specific skills. For those self-advocates who are out of the family home, the Skills Inventory™ is still a useful tool for identifying skills that need to be developed and maintained.
To develop and maintain skills, an ILO Skills Tutor can be hired to with the self-advocate using the online Skills Inventory tool as an interactive tool.

Skills Inventory for ILO Community Group Members

ILO recognizes that families may not be ready to actively prepare for independent living. One of the reasons the Community Group was created was to provide an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to participate in ILO and learn about our community building philosophies.

Community Group members have access to the Skills Inventory – an essential step of the ILO training and part of the Full Life Process – without committing to the full training program. If you have any questions or would like to sign up for the Skills Inventory, please contact us at

To sign up and pay for the Skills Inventory or the online Skills Inventory tool, complete the form below.

5:00 pm ALL – Virtual Cooking Class @ Zoom
ALL – Virtual Cooking Class @ Zoom
Jan 24 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
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4:30 pm B/DC – Virtual Weekly Check In ... @ Zoom
B/DC – Virtual Weekly Check In ... @ Zoom
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ALL Virtual Current Events @ Zoom
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ALL – Virtual Tour of the Sea @ Zoom
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6:00 pm ALL – Virtual Game Night @ Zoom
ALL – Virtual Game Night @ Zoom
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5:00 pm ALL All-Pod Talent Show @ Zoom
ALL All-Pod Talent Show @ Zoom
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