ILO Self-Advocate Training Resources

These life skills resources are for ILO self-advocates and Community Builders in support of the pursuit of independent living for those with developmental disabilities. 

10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation


Let’s Talk About It – Discrimination, Inclusion, Greatness

Let’s Talk About It Part I: Discrimination, Non-Violent Civil Unrest, Inclusiveness, Safety


Let’s Talk About It Part II: Moving Forward – Making a Difference in Our Community


Let’s Talk About It Part III: What Matters Now – Strength of Character



May 2020 COVID-19 Update – Moving Forward Cautiously


Safety Tips for Dealing with COVID-19


DIY Mask, FAQs and Instructions

Even Olive wears a mask!

Daily Quarantine Questions to Keep Yourself in Balance

Ideas While Isolated

Exercise Your Name

Dealing with Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Making a Schedule

Just like Olive, who goes on her morning walk as scheduled, the rest of us need to consider defining and refining our schedules.

Video Link:


Internet Safety

Using a Fire Extinguisher

Tips for Asking for Help and Calling 911

Handling Emergencies and Emergency Kits


Healthy New Year Checklist

Relationship Building

Tips for Relationship Building

Part I – Are you Ready for a Relationship?

Part II – Building Healthy Relationships

Part III – How to Have Incredible Relationships

Elections – We Vote Remote

We Vote Remote Guide


Earning to Live

Coming Soon

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