National Low Income Housing Coalition
The NLIHC is committed to educating, organizing, and advocating to ensure decent, affordable housing within healthy neighborhoods for everyone. Provides up-to-date information, formulates policy, and educates the public on housing needs and the strategies for solutions. This is an excellent special needs resource.

National Fair Housing Advocate Online
The National Fair Housing Advocate Online is a resource designed to serve both the fair housing advocacy community and the general public with timely news and information regarding the issues of those with special needs.

Specialized Housing, Inc.
Innovative Housing for Adults with Additional Needs. Developed the first housing program in the US to enable adults with special needs to own their own homes while receiving professional support. Creative use of home ownership with condominiums and co-operative housing models. This is an excellent special needs resource.

Toward Independent Living and Learning (TILL), Inc.,
TILL is a private, not-for-profit human service agency established in 1980. Its mission is to develop and operate innovative programs and services to meet the needs of individuals of all ages who have unique needs, including mental retardation, mental health needs, physical handicaps, learning disabilities, emotional problems, brain injury and other developmental disabilities. This is an excellent special needs resource.

An vast amount of information and a discussion of community housing options for individuals with disabilities.

It's True - ALL of ILO's Fees Can be Paid Using Self-Directed Funds

Transition to Independent Living the ILO Way!

Your loved one can join ILO and be part of a Community POD where they have social connections through vibrant activities and support from ILO staff in building peer-to-peer relationships and helping them grow their independent living skills.

All ILO Fees can be paid with one’s self-directed budget. Learn more HERE.

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