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October 12, 2021

Maedi Tanham Carney
Founder & Executive Director, ILO

Celebrating A Fantastic Fall!

 ILO has so many wonderful things happening right now it’s hard to keep up!  On the tail of our fantastic Bike to the Beach successful fundraiser we have just wrapped up a fantastic Hike, Bike and BBQ – our annual family get-together.

How fun it was to meet and mingle with other ILO families and our incredible self-advocates.  So many of our families volunteered to help make this a success; we had a great line-up of sponsors; and it seemed like everyone (including the dogs) had a great time.  This makes me happy!

On top of this we recently finished our training for 3 new families we are welcoming into the fold; we’ve hired a couple of additional life coaches as we prepare some of our self-advocates for transition to independent living; we have new board members; and, we are hosting more get-togethers and outings then we have been able to do for a very long time!

Fall is looking to be bountiful. Thank you, as always, for your ongoing help, support, and encouragement as we continue building and growing our supportive communities for our loved ones.


Upcoming Events


Vicky- October 4th

Max – October 30th





  • COVID Safety (Review)
  • Internet Safety (Review)
  • Personal Safety (Review)
  • Kitchen Safety (New)

Personal Connections

  • Social Sunday Bowling
  • Sunday Yoga
  • Sporting Events (Caps, Nats)
  • Getting Out and About
  • Large & Small Group Outings
  • Guys and Gals Groups

Skills Coaching

  • Job Coaching
  • Life Coaching


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