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Maedi Tanham Carney
Founder & Executive Director

Thank you for taking the time to attend our presentation “What Is ILO.”  Hopefully, you have a better understanding now, but please know that we are available to answer any questions you may have (

From ILO’s inception our families have been integral to our supportive communities. They have helped define our community framework and continue to be actively involved in each POD’s viability.

ILO truly is a community of parents and self-advocates. We learned how important this community really is over the past year in dealing with the pandemic when ILO’s families and self-advocates all pulled together.

Ready to transition

or Not

If YES – sign up for ILO Training
to become an ILO

If NOT – join the ILO
Community Group to start getting to know  ILO families and about independent living.

The training will walk you through what it takes to transition to independent living.  Hear from other ILO parents what works and what doesn’t.

The transition process can take anywhere from 3 months to 5 years and can include flexible living arrangements:  living at home, roommate living, residential, or non-residential living.

Cost: $2,000

ILO has a plan, and it works!

For families who have not yet made the decision about independent living
or about joining ILO.

This process allows families to meet and work with other ILO families and self-advocates to learn more about the viability of independent living and ILO’s transition process and full member services.

Cost: $180 Annually

ILO has a plan, and it works!

To Sign Up for ILO Training

Contact:  Maedi Tanham Carney
Executive Director

To Join the ILO Community Group

Go to:

About ILO New Family Training

Independent living is more than moving into your own place . . .

Successful Independent Living looks different for every self-advocate and family who joins ILO.

 The strength of ILO lies in the many talents each family brings to the community and their willingness to share these gifts with one another.

You will begin the training on Friday morning as strangers–and by the end of Saturday you will have exchanged contact Information with other parents, made plans for “next steps” and learned that we are all in this together.

Join us!

September 17-18, 2021

Facilitated by Jen Knapp and Maedi Tanham Carney

Two-day training (breakfast and lunch provided)

Cost: $2,000

(ILO New Family Training is only held once a year.)


  • What is ILO
    A deeper discussion about ILO’s philosophy, organizational framework, programs and staff.
  • What is Your Role?
    What are the connections and skills you bring to the table for this transition?
  •  Housing Options?
    Join a discussion about the pros and cons of different types of housing options that ILO can support.
  • Self-Advocate Support from ILO
    Get an overview of ILO’s support – how does that work, what’s included, how much does it cost?
  • Real Life Experience from Parents Who Know
    Hear about actual ILO housing and support scenarios from other ILO parents.
  • Let’s talk “Affordable Housing”
    ILO knows the ins and outs of the affordable housing market in the DC/Maryland area and can offer guidance and advice.
  • Transitioning to Independent Living the ILO Way
    We have been very successful with the individuals we’ve helped transition to independent living over the past six years. It hasn’t always easy but we know what works and what doesn’t. We are here to help.
  • Finding Your Way
    Learn what is so special about personal asset mapping and how ILO can help self-advocates adapt.
  • Building Supportive Communities
    ILO’s Community Builders lead the way in helping with transition; social interaction and peer-to-peer networking; and liaising with families, landlords, roommates, employers, neighbors and friends.  Find out how we do that!



About ILO’s Community Group

ILO Community Group Benefits

  • Connect with other families of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities
  • Learn about self-advocacy, community living and independence
  • Participate in social events for Self-Advocates
  • Attend parent presentations with local experts for free
  • Start working on The Full Life Process™ Skills Inventory
  • Join us for the Annual ILO Community Group Gathering (September 25, 2021)
  • Get advance notice of upcoming activities and events through ILO’s Community Group listserv, GroupMe app, and private Facebook page.

Activities Just for ILO Community Group Self-Advocates

In the upcoming year, ILO will be offering many fun and engaging activities (both virtual and in-person).

Our Community Builders have prepared Fun and Engaging Virtual Self-Advocate Activities (last year we hosted over 200 of these events). This is a great way for self-advocates to build and grow interpersonal relationship skills while meeting new friends. Check the ILO Calendar and GroupMe for details.

  • Guy’s and Gal’s Groups
  • Current Events
  • Life Skills Training
  • Safaris
  • World Tours
  • Happy Hours
  • Movie Nights
  • Brunchtime Fun
  • Friday Night at the Heights
  • Coffee House Open Mic

An Observation from One of ILO’s Community Builders:

“The peer-to-peer connection is such an important part of the virtual support. The self-advocates are coming out of their comfort zones to help one another especially with relieving anxiety.”

Free Parent Presentations for ILO Community Group Subscribers

Additionally, ILO will offer 8 free Parent Presentations from special needs experts this year on topics such as: What You Should Know About SSI and Work; Estate Planning for Families with Special Needs; Affordable Housing; Vouchers, Trusts, and Government Benefits, and more.

Upcoming ILO Event and Activity Schedule

For dates, times and details check ILO’s Activity Calendar and ILO’s social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GroupMe, and LinkedIn).

To Join the ILO Community Group

To join the ILO Community Group, please go to: The cost is $180 annually.

A Testimonial from One of ILO’s Participating Family Members

“Although COVID-19 pandemic is a difficult period for our son, Robert, with Autism and Mental Health Disabilities, we are fortunate that he has us and we are a participating family in Integrated Living Opportunities.

Because of this program Robert has a community and even a few peer friendships which he never had before.  From what I have learned over the years, it is important for all of us to have community and as many networks to support us as possible.

One of the many issues we are working on is long-term support for Robert especially as we age and perhaps not able to provide the level of support we provide now.  We feel it is important to help him be as independent as possible and fill in the gaps for the supports he will need. 

If you need a partner in helping your young adult get out on their own start now by contacting ILO (” Reda Sheinberg



Learn More – ILO Videos

The Perfect Equation – ILO

Choosing where to live is important, and that’s a cornerstone of ILO’s approach. That helps build a durable structure that ensures stability for a lifetime. The result: valuable citizens who are included and who contribute to the communities where they live. View the Video

“Valuable and included citizens.”

ILO: From Fear to Confidence

ILO’s focus on assessment and training and its ongoing support and personal connections actively builds the kind of community relationships that our residents and families need to ensure long-term stability, resilience, and success in everyday life. View the Video

“Building a network of support.”

Community Builders – Leading the Way to Independent Living

ILO staff members, called Community Builders, mentor and coach ILO self-advocates with intellectual and developmental disabilities. ILO’s Community Builders lead activities that improve emotional and physical health and nurture and support them through all aspects of building a full, happy, and productive life. View the Video

“Mentors, coaches, safety net!”

Guide to Building Independent Lives – ILO’s Skills Inventory

 ILO uses the My Full Life™ Skills Inventory developed by the Center for Independent Futures ®. It is a comprehensive online platform designed to create a baseline and to support life skills development for adults with disabilities. View the Video.

“Not like the others.”

Putting the Pieces Together – Transition to Independent Living the ILO Way

Putting all the pieces together the right way takes guidance. ILO is the guide, and the partner, families of adults with disabilities count on.  ILO collaborates with its member families to plan, manage, and facilitate the transition. View the Video.

“Full, happy, productive lives!”

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