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Thank you for taking the time to attend our presentation “What Is ILO.” Hopefully, you have a better understanding now, but please know that we are available to answer any questions you may have (

From ILO’s inception our families have been integral to our supportive communities. They have helped define our community framework and continue to be actively involved in each POD’s viability.

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Bustin’ Loose in the Best Possible Way!

ILO Insights May 25, 2021Maedi Tanham Carney Founder & Executive Director, ILO ILO Self-Advocates Are Ready! The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and ILO self-advocates are ready to get out and about to spend some time with friends and family. ILO is here...

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Expanding ILO’s Network of Support

ILO Insights April 26, 2021With a Little Help from Our FriendsWith a Little Help from Our FriendsMaedi Tanham Carney Founder & Executive Director, ILO Expanding ILO's Network of Support A cornerstone to ILO's success in transitioning young adults with disabilities...

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Hope Is In the Air

ILO Insights February 26, 2021Hope is in the Air!Maedi Tanham Carney Founder & Executive Director, ILO Little by Little We Start Moving Forward Together In our recent family POD meetings not only have we discussed the challenges and successes of our loved ones...

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Gearing Up for Greatness

ILO Insights February 2, 2021 Gearing Up for Greatness Maedi Tanham Carney Founder & Executive Director, ILO Oh the Places We'll Go in 2021! A new President, a New Year, new vaccines, and lots of new and energizing possibilities. ILO continues to grow - with new...

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Happy New Year 2021!

ILO InsightsHappy New Year!Thank you for your ongoing support! It's been a challenging year but one that has brought out the best in us. See how ILO self-advocates stepped up to the challenge. Click here for our Year in Review Video Help us explore new possibilities...

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Goodbye 2020

ILO InsightsGoodbye 2020 - Bring on 2021Maedi Tanham Carney Founder & Executive Director, ILOWe are ready for a fresh start! My one-word description for 2020 was survival - mentally, physically and fiscally. It wasn’t easy but we did it! My word for 2021 is going...

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With Gratitude

ILO InsightsWith Gratitude!Maedi Tanham Carney Founder & Executive Director, ILOWe are thankful . . .   For ILO families who work together to build communities of support for those we love. For young adults who are doing their very best to overcome challenges...

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Where Do We Go From Here? Advocacy!

ILO InsightsWhere Do We Go From Here? Advocacy!Maedi Tanham Carney Founder & Executive Director, ILOIt's getting closer . . . So, what do we need to know, and what can we do to help ensure the best possible quality of life, and future for our incredible...

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Civil Discourse Anyone

ILO InsightsCivil Discourse AnyoneMaedi Tanham Carney Founder & Executive Director, ILOThe Great Debate?  Last week I asked if you were ready to rumble and you thought I was kidding, didn’t you? Well, after the first Presidential election debate on Tuesday night...

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Are You Ready to Rumble?

ILO InsightsAre You Ready to Rumble?Maedi Tanham Carney Founder & Executive Director, ILOIt’s Time to Advocate for Ourselves! One of the ways ILO helps young adults with disabilities transition to independent living is to help them learn how to advocate for...

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How Far We’ve Come

ILO InsightsILO Fundraising Goal: $16,000 $11,000+! We are almost there – can you believe it?Route: The ride is a 53-mile loop with 4 stops in DC and Maryland in areas where ILO self-advocates live (see schedule and location below) Keeping It Small & Safe: Masks...

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ILO’s Unsung Heroes!

ILO InsightsILO's Unsung HeroesMaedi Tanham Carney Founder & Executive Director, ILOCan you guess who they are? We are so lucky as a small non-profit organization to have so many talented, caring, and dedicated members who volunteer. Without each of you jumping in...

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Ready, Set . . . Soon!

ILO InsightsReady, Set . . . Soon!Maedi Tanham Carney Founder & Executive Director, ILOSome of us are ready to start moving forward but only with safeguards in place! We know how important our personal support is to our self-advocates. We have always been there to...

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A Summer Like No Other

ILO Insights July 8, 2020A Summer Like No OtherMaedi Tanham Carney Founder & Executive Director, ILOBut ILO Keeps Doing What ILO Does Best! This summer may be quiet for some but not for ILO's self-advocates! Coaching for Work and for Life ILO’s job and life...

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