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Are You Ready to Rumble?

ILO InsightsAre You Ready to Rumble?Maedi Tanham Carney Founder & Executive Director, ILOIt’s Time to Advocate for Ourselves! One of the ways ILO helps young adults with disabilities transition to independent living is to help them learn how to advocate for...

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How Far We’ve Come

ILO InsightsILO Fundraising Goal: $16,000 $11,000+! We are almost there – can you believe it?Route: The ride is a 53-mile loop with 4 stops in DC and Maryland in areas where ILO self-advocates live (see schedule and location below) Keeping It Small & Safe: Masks...

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ILO’s Unsung Heroes!

ILO InsightsILO's Unsung HeroesMaedi Tanham Carney Founder & Executive Director, ILOCan you guess who they are? We are so lucky as a small non-profit organization to have so many talented, caring, and dedicated members who volunteer. Without each of you jumping in...

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Ready, Set . . . Soon!

ILO InsightsReady, Set . . . Soon!Maedi Tanham Carney Founder & Executive Director, ILOSome of us are ready to start moving forward but only with safeguards in place! We know how important our personal support is to our self-advocates. We have always been there to...

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A Summer Like No Other

ILO Insights July 8, 2020A Summer Like No OtherMaedi Tanham Carney Founder & Executive Director, ILOBut ILO Keeps Doing What ILO Does Best! This summer may be quiet for some but not for ILO's self-advocates! Coaching for Work and for Life ILO’s job and life...

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ILO Continues to Grow

ILO Insights June 25, 2020 Even a Pandemic Can't Hold Us Back Maedi Tanham Carney Founder & CEO, ILO ILO Continues to Grow - Why That Matters! Who would have thought sitting down to eat a meal in a restaurant would be so treasured, or getting together face-to-face...

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ILO Insights: What Matters Now?

ILO Insights June 19, 2020What Matters Now?Maedi Tanham CarneyFounder & CEO, ILOBuilding Supportive Communities! Now, more than ever before, our vision and mission are providing us with a sustainable and strong framework that allows us to support and protect our...

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ILO Insights: Inclusiveness is Key

ILO's June 8, 2020 Updates Inclusiveness is Key Let’s Talk About It ILO has developed a two-part series to get the discussion started as we weave the vital subject of Black Lives Matter, inclusiveness, non-violent change, and safety into our ongoing weekly training...

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ILO Insights: ILO’s Plan for Moving Forward… Cautiously!

May 28, 2020 Update: ILOs Plan for Moving Forward Moving Forward... Cautiously! Our families, self-advocates, and staff have all pulled together to provide support for each other electronically: whether by phone, Zoom, social media, or through fun digital group...

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ILO Insights May 18, 2020: ILO’s Self Advocates Vote Remote!

ILO’s May 18, 2020 Update: ILO's Self-Advocates Vote Remote It's Our Turn to Help Shape the World Over the last several weeks our self-advocates, families, and staff have shown how resilient our communities are and how well we have been able to work together to make...

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ILO Insights April 27, 2020: ILO’s Families Pull Together!

  ILO’s April 27, 2020 Update: ILO Families ILO’s Families Pull Together Over the past week I’ve been getting in touch with all of ILO’s families. What an amazing group of people we have! Here’s what I learned during these calls: ILO is truly a community of...

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