ILO Community Group is a coalition of self advocates (individuals with disabilities) that come together to socialize, build relationships, and create personal support networks. Community group is members-only, and brings together individuals of all ages. It operates within the wider ILO community, serving self-advocates and their families who wish to be part of ILO but are not ready to become a participating family member. Click here to learn more about the ILO Community Group.

Community Group’s goal is to provide members the opportunities to participate in parent workshops and self-advocate gatherings that develop independent living skills, practice relationship building and much more. We want to provide members with the opportunity to learn about and embrace ILO’s community building philosophies, while at the same time enjoying social and recreational activities and creating the support networks that are the cornerstone of the ILO organization.

In keeping with these goals, Community Group leaders organize a number of monthly community group events/activities for self-advocates, and workshops for parents. As ILO self-advocates, community group members are also included in most of the ILO activities. The month of October is chocked full of opportunities for self-advocates and participating families to take in – please see below for an inclusive list of events.

ILO Community Group Events: October – December

October 23: Parent Workshop
Discussion on HOC Vouchers and Reasonable Accommodations, Rental and Purchase Options for Individuals with DD with the Fannie Mae Program. Workshops takes place from 7:00pm-9:00 p.m. October 25: 3rd Annual ILO “Fun”raiser Please join ILO Board Members and Participating Families at our third annual “FUN” raiser – wine tasting, happy hour pricing, snacks, raffles, music, and more at Beers and Cheers Too. Donation request $15 per person, with 100% of proceeds benefiting ILO.

October 28: Self-Advocate Social Sunday
Self-advocates will come together to celebrate Halloween by participating in a Halloween Zumba party! Dancing, costumes – what could be more fun? Event takes place from 3:00pm -4:30pm.

November 13th: Parent Workshop
A discussion on the importance of Supported decision-making versus Guardianship.
Workshop takes place from 7:00pm-9:00pm.

November 18th: Self-Advocate Social Sunday
Self-advocates will come together to have a real discussion about relationships. Afterwards there will be some fun Zumba dancing. Event takes place from 3:00-4:30.

As you can see, Community Group is active, vibrant, and – most importantly – fun. In 2019 we will have more informational parent presentations and Social Sundays for the self-advocates. For more details about these events, or to see what ILO and Community Group has planned for November and December, please follow this link to see our monthly event calendar. For less than fifty cents a day (to cover the costs of organizing events), self-advocates can participate in these events, and have access to the other benefits associated with joining Community Group. For more information, or to join, please check out our Community Group webpage,

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