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Skills Inventory™

Creating New Communities

Here at Integrated Living Opportunities (ILO), we are committed to helping families create inclusive, integrated communities in which their adult family members with disabilities can live independently, yet supported. One of the ways in which we help parents and families of adults with disabilities create communities and prepare for independent living is to facilitate and administer the Skills Inventory ™.

The Skills Inventory™ is an extensive, integrated and interactive assessment of a self-advocate’s daily living skills and experiences. In other words, the Skills Inventory™ can be used to determine what work the individual needs to do in order to be ready to live on his or her own, whether it is learning or improving money skills, familiarizing him or herself with public transportation, etc. It also helps community developers (family, community builders, and members of the self-advocate’s support networks) information that is useful in determining which staffing and supports (if any) is necessary to support the individual in the home.

Essentially, this assessment provides a “snapshot” of the abilities of the self-advocate. It is the basis of a report identifying activities to develop and maintain the skills necessary for the self-advocate to live as independently as possible. For those self-advocates who are out of the family home, the Skills Inventory™ is still a useful tool for identifying skills that need to be developed and maintained.

Skills Inventory™ for ILO Community Group Members

As an ILO Community Group member, we recognize that you and your self-advocate may not be ready to actively prepare for independent living. One of the reasons the Community Group was created, however, was to provide the opportunity for individuals with disabilities to participate in our organization and to learn about and embrace our community building philosophies at any stage of their special needs journey.

One of the ways in which we strive to ensure that Community Group members are experiencing ILO is to provide priority access to the Skills Inventory™ –an essential step of the ILO training and part of the Full Life Process™ – without requiring families or self-advocates to commit to the full training program.

How Can My Self-Advocate participate in the Skills Inventory™?

If your self-advocate is interested in participating in the Skills Inventory™, please contact Maedi Tanham Carney at maedi@ilonow.org to make an appointment with a trained ILO Skills Inventory Administrator. The administrator will meet with the self-advocate and his or her family to complete the assessment. The administrator may also wish to observe the self-advocate as he or she participates in daily living activities.

Once the assessment is complete, the administrator will create a report and meet with the family and self-advocate again to discuss the results, and make recommendations. At this time, if the family wishes, an ILO Skills tutor can be hired to begin working on independent living skills with the self-advocate.

Any questions or request for further information about the Skills Inventory™ can be directed to Maedi Tanham Carney at maedi@ilonow.org

Please note: ILO is currently working towards offering the Skills Inventory™ via an online assessment. Once that occurs, community group members (along with their families) will be able to complete the online assessment. ILO will notify all Community Group members once this online service becomes available.