ILO’s March 2020 Update: The Need is Now!

Our Self-Advocates Need Us Now More Than Ever

We love watching our self-advocates grow in their independence and self-reliance. It is remarkable. But, it’s not always easy. The Coronavirus outbreak pushes the limits of everyone but especially those of us at high risk or with additional challenges.

Our goal is to make sure all the self-advocates we support stay safe, healthy and connected.

Our efforts include daily check-ins; providing resources and suggestions for exercise, safety, and a healthy life-balance; and, ideas for ways to interact with others and have some fun along the way.

In this time of heightened anxiety and uncertainty, ILO feels it necessary to give back to its community with free online yoga by Create Calm.

On Friday, March 27, all ILO staff, self-advocates, parents, 1-1 support and board members are invited to Feel Good Friday at 11am. Learn breathing exercises, tension-relieving movements, and meditation tools to relax and reduce anxiety in a playful, accessible format of experiential learning.

Starting, Sunday, April 5, Create Calm mindfulness educators will lead a special 4-week series of online classes designed exclusively for self-advocates. During this series, self-advocates will explore a
variety of techniques for rebalancing thoughts and feelings and calming the body.  These classes are designed to optimize the brain-body-breath connection and bring our self-advocates together in a space of growth, healing and support.
As a non-profit this is going to be a challenging time for us but we are committed to doing everything we can to support our self-advocates and their families.

We could really use your help right now, especially since we have to postpone some of our fundraising events! Please consider donating today.

Now’s the Time!

Please donate what you can to help us maintain some normalcy for our self-advocates and to help us provide even greater support for them through this crisis.

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