ILO’s March 2020 Update: Dealing with the Coronavirus Outbreak

Stay Calm… We’ve Got This!

A Message from Maedi

ILO’s communities were designed to support self-advocates through the highs and lows of independent living. Our team members work with ILO’s self-advocates to help them stay safe, healthy and connected.

That has become more challenging during the Coronavirus outbreak, but we are prepared to work together to support our self-advocates and their families. I want to share some updates about how ILO is addressing and adjusting to the situation.

Over the next several weeks, ILO’s Community Builders and staff will continue mentoring self-advocates – engaging them, encouraging them, Helping them problem-solve, and helping them stay connected.

Additionally, we are making the following changes to ensure social distancing and the health and safety of our team, as well as our communities:

  • Now through April 15th our staff will work from home as much as possible to ensure the health and safety of everyone. 
  • We have made the decision to postpone all events through May to a new date in 2020 – this includes Social Sundays, Parent Presentations, Hike, Bike & BBQ, and Beers and Cheers. While we do not yet have confirmed dates, we will announce new dates as soon as we can.
  • Every day, our staff will connect with ILO’s self-advocates and their families through phone calls, Google Duo, the ILO Facebook Private Group, or Zoom.

We are grateful for the flexibility and dedication of our team who have already shown their commitment to this temporary situation to ensure support for our self-advocates.

If you are an ILO Community Group member, please be sure to JOIN ILO’s Private Facebook Group to connect with other members.

ILOCommunity Group- Private
If you are not an ILO Community Group member, please go to: to learn more.

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