Bike to the Beach (B2B) is an annual event in which a community made up of individuals, cyclists, local organizations, advocates, philanthropists, corporate companies and national partners all come together to promote cycling, raise funds, and support individuals with autism and developmental disabilities. Since its creation, B2B has raised more than 3 million dollars, biked more than 400,000 miles, and has been hosted in 7 cities.

Next Friday (August 2), Integrated Living Opportunities (ILO) will take part in B2B for the second time. Last year, thanks to the support of our riders, sponsors, volunteers, and those of you that donated, ILO raised more than $10,000. We are working hard to ensure that we make this year’s event even more successful – we have doubled the number of ILO riders, and are committed as a Gold Sponsor. In order to make sure this event is a successful one, we need your support!

Support ILO in B2B

There are a number of ways that you can support ILO in this incredible fundraiser, either by volunteering your time, helping us spread the word, or by donating to one of ILO’s riders in the event.

Volunteer at our Rest Stop

As a Gold Partner, ILO must commit to staffing a rest stop. All supplies and equipment are provided, and it involves showing up early (5:30am) on race day. ILO needs at last 5 volunteers for the rest stop, so please consider helping out – interested individuals can contact Debbie Fickenscher,

Spread the Word

A large part of B2B’s mission is growing the community of disability advocates. So, help us spread the word about B2B & ILO – sharing this blog or our posts on social media, help distribute flyers and posters (provided by B2B), and help connect with other partner organizations are all valuable ways to help us get the message out there! If you are interested in supporting ILO through our marketing efforts, please contact Jan,

Donate to a Rider

Another valuable way that you can support ILO is to donate and help our riders meet their personal fundraising goals. This year, ILO has five members participating in B2B. Please consider donating to these riders as they raise money for self-advocates in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia areas. Heartfelt thanks to Gerry, Maedi, Murdoch, Vijay and Tom for their time, effort, and commitment to this great cause. If you are interested in donating to one personally, please see below for links to their personal B2B fundraising websites. More information on “Why They Ride” can be found in our Meet the Riders blog.

Gerry Dorros (Team Captain): Donate to Gerry
Maedi Tanham Carney (Founder of ILO): Donate to Maedi
Murdoch MacNeil: Donate to Murdoch
Vijay D/Souza: Donate to Vijay
Tom Boeke: Donate to Tom

On behalf of everyone at ILO, thank you all for your continued support. And, on August 2, be sure to cheer on ILO’s team as we Bike to the Beach to help make a difference in the lives of adults with disabilities.

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