Thursday June 27 2019

On August 2nd, ILO will take part in Bike to the Beach (B2B) for the second time. Last year, thanks to the support of our riders, sponsors, volunteers, and those of you that donated, ILO raised more than $10,000.

This year, we are planning to go bigger and better. We have doubled our number of ILO riders, and are committed as a Gold Sponsor for the B2B event. Please read on to learn how you can help us support our 2019 goal!

What is Bike to the Beach?

Bike to the Beach (B2B) is an annual event in which a community made up of individuals, cyclists, local organizations, advocates, philanthropists, corporate companies and national partners all come together to promote cycling, raise funds, and support individuals with autism and developmental disabilities. Since its creation, B2B has raised more than 3 million dollars, biked more than 400,000 miles, and has been hosted in 7 cities. For more information on Bike to the Beach, visit their website.

Meet the Riders

Gerry Dorros, Team Leader

I am biking in the Bike to the Beach for autism charity ride to make a difference in the lives of the 1 in 68 children diagnosed with autism. Autism is the second most prevalent developmental disorder in the world but receives less federal funding than any other disorder affection children. These numbers are staggering. By supporting iCan Bike programs, summer camps, and adult learning programs, Bike to the Beach provides opportunities for people with autism that make a difference.

If you would like to support Gerry, follow this link to donate to him directly and help him to meet his fundraising goals. 

Maedi Tanham Carney

Integrated Living Opportunities (ILO) is a non-profit that I founded in 2014, has partnered with Bike to the Beach for 2019. ILO’s mission is to help young adults with developmental disabilities (including autism) move out of their parent’s homes into supportive communities. These communities have networks of support that enable self-advocates to live independently and have full lives.

Maedi’s full bio can be found here. If you would like to support Maedi as she bikes for the organized that she founded, follow this link. 

Vijay D’Souza

I am biking to the beach to support ILO, a great organization that helps my brother and other young adults with disabilities. I love cycling and this is a great way to do something I love to support someone I love. The goal of helping people with disabilities live independent fulfilling lives in the community is very important to me and Bike to the Beach is a great way to support that goal. I have done numerous bike rides and triathlons, but it’s great to do something that supports others in addition to pushing yourself toward a challenging goal.

To donate to Vijay, follow this link.

Tom Boeke

I am biking to the beach for autism and disABILITIES. I am not only doing this for the physical challenge and the cause, but because Bike to the Beach is a bike ride like no-other. The Bike to the Beach experience, the community, the sights along the route, the inspiration of sharing the ride with the autism and disABILITY community, and the fun sets Bike to the Beach apart from any other charity bike ride.

Bike to the Beach is working to help the autism and disABILITY community experience the joys of cycling as well. Bike to the Beach hosts learn-to-bike camps with iCan Shine that empower participants to maximize their individual by learning how to bike ride. I love that this ride helps grow the cycling community and helps others experience the fun and freedom that can only be experienced on a bike.

To donate to Tom, follow this link.

Lachlan Murdoch MacNeil

I commute to work, ride mountain bikes for sport and to keep physically fit. I am riding Bike to the Beach for ILO on August 2nd to raise awareness about ILO and Autism. ILO is an incredible nonprofit helping individuals with disabilities move into independent living with the supports to succeed.

Murdoch’s personal fundraising website can be found by following this link. Please consider helping him meet his personal B2B fundraising goal.


Marc Martinez

I have been a long-time (over 17 years) supporter of the AIDS LifeCycle ( in California raising money for HIV/AIDS charities. This year I was unable to ride but was looking for an outlet to give back to my community. My friend Vijay asked and I thought it was a great Idea. The cause of empowering individuals with disabilities so that they can reach their full capabilities really excites me. So, I am thrilled to participate in this event and riding with/for Integrated Living Opportunities. Please support me as I support others.

Follow this link to support Marc’s B2B fundraising efforts:

How Can I support ILO and B2B?

There are many ways to support ILO and B2B. Consider donating to one of our riders this year – or, if you are interested, there is still time to register as an ILO rider for B2B. Check out our last blog to learn more about the requirements to become an ILO rider, or contact Maedi –

We are also recruiting volunteers – as a Gold Sponsor, ILO must commit to staffing a rest stop along the route. B2B will provide all the supplies and equipment, so it just means showing up early on race day (5:30). For more information on volunteering, please contact Debbie –

And finally, we can always use your help to spread the word. Help us market our event by posting about it or sharing our posts on social media, or distributing flyers and posters and connecting with partner organizations. To learn more about how you can help promote ILO, B2B, and the 2019 B2B ride, contact Jan –


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