Integrated Living Opportunities (ILO) is a non-profit organization that helps individuals with disabilities (self-advocates) and their families build and maintain the supports needed for self-advocates to live independently in the community.

ILO was created in 2014 from a grassroots movement of families looking to help their family members with disabilities live full, independent lives, integrated into the communities of their choice. Our organization helps these individuals develop personal and professional networks of support. These networks of support are connected to self-advocates for the rest of their lives, even after their parents are gone.

When ILO was first created, it was intended to help self-advocates that were preparing to transition into independent living. As our organization grew, so did the need to help all individuals with disabilities lead full lives – regardless of their independent living status. From that need, ILO Community Group was born.

Community Group – What is it?

ILO Community Group is an all-ages, members only group that operates within the wider ILO Community. This group was created to bring together individuals with disabilities and their families who wish to join the ILO community, but may not be ready to participate in ILO training, or actively prepare for independent living at this time.

Community Group members are welcomed into an inclusive, supportive and supported community that facilitates the development of meaningful relationships. Members make connections and build relationships that help develop networks of support – a cornerstone of ILO’s community building philosophy.

There are many benefits to becoming a part of Community Group. In addition to providing fun social and recreational events, Community Group facilitates the creation of personal support networks among members. The group also helps members learn about self-advocacy, community living, and independence.

To learn more about Community Group, including a full list of member benefits, please visit our website.

ILO Calendar: Upcoming Events

ILO Community Group plans a number of events every month specifically for Community Group members, including our very popular self-advocate Social Sundays. Every Sunday community group members gather for a fun social and/or recreational activity, which often incorporates learning or practicing an independent living skill. In addition, community group hosts monthly parent workshops that focus on a variety of topics relevant to individuals with disabilities and their families. Community Group members and their families (participating family members) are also welcome at all ILO events, including fundraisers, potlucks, etc. Please see the below for specific events and details, or follow this link to see ILO’s monthly event calendar.

Sunday, September 30: Self Advocate Social Sundays
Games and Dance Party

Tuesday, October 23: Parent Workshop
Discussion on HOC Vouchers and Reasonable Accommodations, Rental and Purchase Options for Individuals with DD with the Fannie Mae Program

Sunday, October 28: Self Advocate Social Sunday
Halloween Zumba Party

Saturday, November 10: Participating Family Event
Annual Potluck

Tuesday, November 13: Parent Workshop
Supported Decision Making vs. Guardianship

Sunday, November 18: Self Advocate Social Sunday
Let’s Talk About Relationships

Join ILO: Only 50 Cents a Day

ILO is a non-profit dedicated to serving individuals with disabilities and their families in the DC area. As such, a membership cost is in place solely to cover the cost of organization and benefits. The Community Group is an ideal way for individuals with disabilities and their families to begin building the connections and networks of support needed for individuals to live independently, without having to commit to ILO training.

The ILO Community Group membership fee is $180 per year, billed on the anniversary date of joining. This means that for 50 cents a day, your family and family member with disabilities can join an inclusive community of like-minded individuals who want to lead full, rewarding, independent lives.

If you would like to join ILO, please follow this link to complete our online registration and payment form. Individuals that complete the form and join ILO Community Group will receive a welcome email that contains login details to access the members-only web content, chat room, and resources. A complete list of ILO Community Group events will also be emailed to you.

Please contact us with any questions you may have, or if you would like to learn more about ILO and Community Group. We would love the chance to meet you, and introduce you to our ILO network.

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