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Below are some of the questions we hear with regards to ILO. We know you may have the same questions, so we took the liberty to answer them here on ILO’s website:

ILO is a charitable organization.  Are any of the  fees spent on the training tax deductible?

ILO is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and any donations given to ILO are tax deductible. The fee for the training may be itemized in your taxes. Please check with your accountant before itemizing as everyone’s situation is different. The training fee is not a tax deductible donation to Center for Independent Futures® or ILO.

How is the fee for the training spent?

The fee for training goes towards Center for Independent Futures® and ILO’s employees to set up the training, speakers, transportation to residences, food, etc. to make the event a success. The New Futures Initiative training is about creating intentional communities and community partnerships specific to the DC and Maryland area. Since ILO does not have an established intentional community to show families, currently the training is in Evanston so that new families can see four to five different Community Living Options that Center for Independent Futures® has created over the years. Participants of the training will truly understand all aspects of what creating an intentional community entails, starting with Center for Independent Futures®  philosophy, intentional community development, residential options, skills inventory, acquiring housing, visits to Center for Independent Futures® residences, finances, housing and support criteria and much more.

How is ILO structured?  Are there shares?  An annual fee? Additional assessments in the future? Paid leadership or worker positions now or in the future or will the services be contracted by individual pods to outside people or companies?

ILO is a non-membership organization with a board of directors and participating families. There is not an annual fee to families, but we ask for annual contributions. There are no shares of the company to be purchased. Presently we are working on fundraising strategies for 2016 and beyond. The first ILO paid position will go to an employee who can work with the families to find the necessary supports, help with fundraising, administrative help, etc. We welcome all to volunteer their time to get ILO truly up and running. Some volunteers may turn into paid positions. The goal is that pods will have a community builder paid by ILO, and the committee heads are participating family members. Families will understand all of this in more detail once you go through at least the first two days of training, receive the Participating Family Handbook and begin coming to the participating family meetings. Pod meetings occur monthly, and we will gather as an entire group once every three months.

Our son (a self-advocate) has shown he can live on his own fairly well, so we have concerns on the value of the Full Life Futures Process Skills Inventory assessment.  Also our son has had so many evaluations, I am not sure how he will react to another one.  Does he need to complete the Full Life Futures Process Skills Inventory? 

The Full Life Futures Process Skills Inventory is for self-advocates. The final report is written in extreme detail explaining what supports are needed to help the self-advocate eventually move into their own place.  For the self-advocates who are already in their own place, the Full Life Futures Process Skills Inventory  has information on how to be more independent in the community and/or acquire more skills in the home.  Self-advocates always have skills to learn. This is not like a psychological assessment. It is actually fun for the self-advocates. My daughter went shopping to purchase her graduation dress as part of her community evaluation. If you would like to learn more about the process of the Full Life Futures Process Skills Inventory, please contact Debbie Fickenscher as she is one of the administrators of the assessment. debbie.fickenscher@verizon.net

Will there need be changes in wills and special needs documents to support ILO activities?

It is always recommended that families review their estate planning documents every 3 to 5 years. There may be the case to change estate documents in the future if participating families wish to have ILO be a part of the circle of supports in perpetuity.

Will there always be a fee for the New Futures Initiative Training? 

There will always be a training fee to join ILO. We know the training is absolutely necessary to understand the process of what we mean by intentional communities and community partnerships. We recognize a number of people are hesitant to spend money for the training. In the future, we may be able to sponsor a few families for the training, but we are not in a financial position to be able to do this for the foreseeable future. We honestly believe once families can see the ILO intentional communities, and what we are creating, they will find the money to join. Center for Independent Futures® does require all family groups across the country to pay the fee and go through the New Futures Initiative training.

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