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The following is a look ahead at the events for the remainder of the year. As we firm up times and details we’ll update our formal event calendar with that information. 

June:  Friendly happy hour in a DC restaurant that will provide ILO with a percentage of its receipts.  Sally and Barbara contacting potential locations. To include ILO family members, self-advocates and friends.

July 25:  Night at the Nationals. Joins us for an exciting baseball evening as we cheer for the Nats as they face the Brewers. Registration and donation through the EDCJCC.

August/September : Event for ILO families and friends in Gaithersburg area.  Potentially at Growlers.  Marc Sheinberg is contacting potential venues.

September (tentative);  Small gathering to be co-hosted by two or three ILO families to include potential new families and ILO supporters.  Shaw/Buckman and Snowber/Hamilton families will co-host

October:  Beers and Cheers event in Gaithersburg, MD.  Sponsored by Glen Lazovick.  This event was help last year and was successful in helping to spread the word to about ILO to friends and supporters.  It is a happy hour type event held at Beers and Cheers.

November:  Outreach to current and new ILO supporters for Giving Day (November 28)

Also exploring restaurant fundraisers in which certain restaurants give ILO a percentage of their proceeds on a designated date and ILO members encourage friends and families to eat at the restaurant.