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Support ILO: 2017 Fundraising Calendar of Events

Thursday, May 15th, 2017

Hello everyone, and welcome to our blog.

This past weekend (May 21st, 2017), ILO hosted its very first Bike and Hike Fundraiser. The ILO Bike/Hike “fun” raiser at the Carderock Recreation area was a great time for everyone. On a cool Sunday morning, we had almost 60 self-advocates, ILO families, friends and prospective ILO members come to the C&O Canal to walk, ride and then hang together for a lovely cookout and lunch.   Altogether, we raised $3,800, but more importantly, we witnessed another step in the development of our wonderful ILO community, one filled with hope and happiness. We had great chats all around, including with some new families who we hope will join us as we help our self-advocates move towards independent living.  An animated event like this helps us see the vision that we all share turning into reality.

ILO founder and president Maedi Tanham Carney said, “Most of ILO’s self-advocates were there, and what we are seeing is a wonderful ILO community filled with hope and happiness. ILO is a beginning of supported independent living for many self-advocates. The vision is turning into a reality, and we saw this on Sunday.”

A special thank you to all those who helped make the event happen, including Betsey Hudis and Cynthia Hamilton for organizing all the food, Chris Snowber for creating the fabulous banner, flyer and email to promote the event, and Jonathan Hudis for his own promotions of the event.

Please click here to see our Bike and Hike Photo Gallery.

Why You Should Support ILO

Integrated Living Opportunities is a 501c3 certified non-profit. Our mission is to bring together families, self-advocates, community groups and organizations with the intention of establishing sustainable, supported communities for adults with disabilities. We firmly believe that by creating community partnerships and facilitating networks of support we can help individuals with disabilities achieve self-determined living.

The most recent housing statistics show that more than three-quarters of Americans with developmental disabilities live with their parents/caregivers – a situation that is unsustainable. The millions of adults with developmental disabilities coming of age threaten to overwhelm service systems that are not set up to provide individualized, community-oriented programming.

ILO is building for the future. We are working to provide opportunities for adults with disabilities to live independently and build a life outside of their parent’s/caregiver’s home. We are working to avoid a situation in which many will be alone and dependent on limited government resources. Our innovative model engages government, businesses, non-profit organizations, and families. Our collaborative solution provides this vulnerable population the opportunity for a full life, with support and dignity, through adulthood and well after their parents are no longer alive.

We need your support to continue to grow as an organization and expand our supported communities. If you were unable to attend the Bike and Hike but would still like to support our organization, please consider donating online. For more information about ILO, please contact us at info@ilonow.org.

ILO Fundraising Calendar of Events: 2017

If you would like to experience the ILO community in person, below is a calendar of all upcoming fundraisers. For specific information in regards to location and registration (if required), please subscribe to our blog or keep an eye on our calendar of events.

June 2017: Happy Hour with ILO, in Washington D.C.
ILO self-advocates, participating family members, friends, and supporters welcomed. Time and location to be announced.

July 25th, 2017: Night at the Nationals.
Join ILO and EDCJCC for an exciting baseball evening as we cheer for the Nationals as they face the Brewers. Registration and donation through EDCJCC. This event is one of many partnership events with the Inclusion Programs at EDCJCC.

August/September: ILO Social
Relax and socialize with ILO participating family members, self-advocates, and friends in Gaithersburg, MD. Time and location to be announced.

September: ILO Meet and Greet
ILO families host a social to welcome potential ILO self-advocates, participating families and supporters. Please stay tuned for more information.

October: 2nd Annual Beers and Cheers
Please join us for our second annual Beers and Cheers event. Happy hour pricing, snacks, great friends and live music.

November 28th: Giving Day
This Giving Day, please consider supporting ILO. Donations can be made online, in the name of ILO self-advocates. Please contact us if you would like more information.

If you would like more information on ILO’s vision, mission, and supported communities for adults with disabilities, please take a moment to browse our website. If you are interested in learning how ILO’s supported communities function, please visit our Meet Pete and Darren web page – a fictional scenario using real places, scenarios, activities, and services in the Washington, D.C. area.

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